Terms and Conditions/Disclaimer

Terms and Conditions:

All photos and content (recipes, information, etc), unless otherwise stated, are owned by the owner of this site, Renata Zambo. Use of photos or content without permission is prohibited. If content is seen on the internet without links back, please contact the owner of this site. Not all information may be referenced to, so do not assume that all of it is intellectual property of the author (e.g. information on phytochemicals, or facts about foods/modalities)


While I’m on the route to becoming a doctor, I am not one yet. Therefore anything posted on this website is intended for informational purposes only and not as a substitute for professional medical advice. Any dietary or lifestyle changes should be consulted with by a registered health professional (MD, ND, DC, etc) . Diagnosis and treatment should only be conducted by a registered health professional. The information shared is not gaurenteed to be accurate, up to date, reliable, or suitable and therefore the author, Renata Zambo, and any co-contributors can be held reliable for what readers choose to do with this information



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