A Valentine’s To Reflect

I'm honoured to break my long hiatus with this post. A dear friend to me, Nicole, asked me if I would be willing to be featured as a guest author write something for her website. I was extremely excited to do so, and wrote an article on why I'm giving myself a Valentine card this year. There are many reasons why I value her, and one reason is the way she is able to translate thoughts into beautiful words. I had to feature her on here, and she agreed to be a guest author for my site. Please enjoy and make sure you visit her at Break Into Change

The following is a post I wrote about Valentine’s Day last year. At that point I had never spent the holiday of romance with a romantic partner. This year, I do have a partner, and we are in the midst of planning our V-day celebrations. Today, February 12th, I was scrolling through my blog and came across this post, deciding to get a quick read over, because hey, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and honestly I was interested in what “sad single me” said about the holiday just a year ago. As it turns out, “sad single me” could teach coupled-up me a few lessons….

Post-read of this article, I feel more grateful for what I have and will apologize to my partner for hassling him over dinner reservations, because in the end, that is not what it’s all about. Thanks old me, for offering a little perspective.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  The holiday we love to hate, or hate to love, or maybe even love to love, depending on our current romantic situation (…or lack there of).  We’ve all heard the “endearing” terms given to this day – Single’s Awareness Day, Chocolate & Flowers Day, Concocted Hallmark Day, etc. Perhaps, in some ways, these terms are apt to be used, for they are true.

Valentine’s Day certainly can be commercial.  It can be a day of overpriced dyed flowers, sugary boxed chocolate and excessive numbers of reservations in expensive restaurants…and sure, we can be cynical about that. We can be cynical and say that love should be celebrated everyday of the year, not simply one day in mid-February, and we’d be right.  But believing in love every day of the year EXCEPT Valentine’s day is both counter-intuitive and counterproductive.  Everyday life is busy, that is hard to deny, and small tokens of love and appreciation can fall by the wayside, or simply be forgotten in all innocence.  The fact that we as humans have set aside an entire holiday in the name of love is beautiful, in my opinion, and not something to be disparaged.  It reminds us about romance, and it cheesy importance in our lives, hopefully spurring onwards to give a little more and ignore love a little less throughout the rest of the year. It reminds us about the people in our lives, partners or not, that love us unconditionally each and every day, and we get a day that encourages us to get in contact with each and every one of them.

It is hard to say the words “I love you” as often as we feel them. Sometimes we assume people know how we feel and thus we let ourselves off the hook when it comes to expressing our love. Valentine’s Day reminds us that demonstrating our love and our vulnerability is special, and most importantly, possible.

I’ve never spent Valentine’s Day romantically. Not once in my life. However, the day has always held a special place in my heart.  From chocolate-dipped strawberries laid out for me at home upon returning from school by my father long ago, to spending the day reconnecting with old friends this year, V-Day has never been a day to bemoan being single, unless I purposefully made it so. It has always been a celebration of love, though sometimes you have to fight through the veil of superficial concerns to reconnect with that meaning.

If you spend your Valentine’s Day stressed about making it to the florist, or angry at your partner’s dropping of the ball when it came to making reservations, perhaps your perception of V-day needs an adjustment. February 14th is a beautiful day, as are many others, and failing to recognize it’s wonderful celebration of love, in all forms, does it a disservice.

Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day ❤

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