LoseIT Tea Detox – Days 8 & 9

Hello dear friends,

I must be honest and say that the last few days have been a bit rough… not because I’m tempted by food, but rather the opposite. I’ve had very little appetite and forgot to eat a few meals. Tuesday I had to consciously buy food because I wasn’t hungry but noticed my blood sugar was getting low because I felt like headed and donuts were starting to sound too tempting. This coupled with some mysteriously originating GI disturbances has made the last few days rather annoying. However, I’ve been trudging along and I the one thing that has made my journey easier is my support system.

People who you could rely on for encouragement, support, and assistance make up your support system. My support system is made up of people who truly understand me and would be ready to listen to me rant at 2am. While not everyone’s support system will function identically, the purpose is the same. Making drastic lifestyle changes can be very challenging, so a shoulder to lean on is essential. Changing your lifestyle and establishing the necessary support can be easy if you follow these simple steps:

1. Communicate your goals 

Share your plans with your support system. Tell them what your plans are, whether you plan on detoxing, engaging in healthier lifestyle habits, starting a new exercise regimen, etc, and why you’re doing it. Expressing your reasoning will show you trust those people and that you want them to be involved in the process.

2. Be held accountable

Ask your friends/family to hold you accountable for what your goals are. For example, you might ask that they text or call you on certain days to check in on how you’re doing. You could also meet with them and discuss your progress and ask for their advice. You could start a blog – believe me, making things public is definitely a good way to be held accountable! Try out different things and narrow in on a few strategies that will help you stick to your goals and feel supported at the same time.

3. Establish new habits with your support system

If possible, engage your support system in similar habits! Go for your morning runs or workouts or try a new eating lifestyle, like paleo, together.  This may mean that your family must learn to enjoy brown rice over white rice, or baked chicken over a McChicken. When my friends and I went paleo for a period of time, we would share recipes, discuss our observations of how we were feeling physically, and share tips and tricks for making food or where to buy interesting foods.

Ultimately, whatever your strategy, I hope you all establish a support system which is authentically present for you and who will can also be there for in the future!

As my friend says, “Co-suffering creates an indelible bond between us”, and it’s 100% true.

In health,



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