Easy Homemade Leavened Probiotic Pickles

In lieu of a typical detox post, I’d like to share my grandmother’s recipe for homemade pickles! I forgot to upload this yesterday (terrible, I know) however you will not be disappointed with this easy recipe that will turn those sad cucumbers to tiny morsels of probiotic joy!

I always envied people who had their grandparents living in the same country. There is something special about spending time with that generation, especially when it comes to knowledge transfer. Grandparents have amazing stories of adventure and life experiences, and it’s a gift to be able to share that. The best part about grandparents is learning those generational and traditional recipes. Food is so integral in culture, and passing recipes down keeps us connected to our home country and our families.

I have only 1 grandmother left, and she lives in Hungary. The last two summers, we have brought her to Canada to stay with us for several months. She always makes me crepes (I’ll post our gluten free recipe soon) but this time she decided to make some pickles. Well – I was so excited because I love pickles! This recipe is traditional to Hungarians, and the process leaves them rich in probiotics – a type of bacteria that lives happily in our intestines and helps us digest our food.


Ingredients and Supplies:
– Large glass jar with a lid, or something you can cover it with – should hold about 3L
– Picklers – a type of pickling cucumber, but really you could use any!
– Enough water to cover the pickles
– Salt
– Slice of bread – should be bread baked with yeast
– Herbs: dill, garlic, coriander, chilis, etc.
– Patience!


Cut the front and back stems so that the cucumber has blunt ends. Next, cut lengthwise but do not fully cut through the cucumber – it should still be attached at one end. In your glass jar, lay your herbs – we completely covered the bottom with dill and begin to lay your cucumbers inside. Place cloves of garlic here and there amongst the cucumbers. Next, begin to warm your water on the stove and add salt. The water should be completely saturated with salt – this means that if you try to add more salt, it will just sit on the bottom of the pot. Once your water is warm and salty, pour it over the cucumbers. Ensure they are completely covered. The cucumbers will float, that is okay. Place your slice of bread on top of the floating pickles and cover! Ideally, the jar should be placed in direct sunlight and should be kept warm. If you’re doing this in the summer, you can place it outside. Remove the bread after 1 day, and after about 4 days of fermenting they will be perfect to eat!



After they’re done fermenting, you can transfer them to a smaller contained but make sure you save enough brine to cover them. They have a great briny taste and the garlic and dill really stands out. They will be more subtle than your typical jarred vinegar pickles. I really hope you guys enjoy them, and this recipe is perfect for pickling just about anything!

In health,




    1. Thanks you’re sweet:)! She’s so tiny it’s too cute. Pickling is so simple I can’t wait to try it out with other foods! I’ll check it out thanks the recipe looks delicious xx


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