LoseIT Tea Detox – Day 4

A lot of people have been asking me what this detox is about, so I figured I’d give a little run down of what I’ve been doing so far and what my plans are for the coming week.

Self-care is so vital to optimal health, and doing a detox program is essential in supporting this. Detoxing provides organ support while toxins and waste products are removed and eliminated from the body. While Dr. Sara’s program of the teas, diet, and exercise are a good start, I’ve been adding extra modalities to ensure I’m getting the most out of this detox as possible.

In addition to 1 cup of the detox tea, these are the things I’m currently doing:

1. Diet

First and foremost, a clean diet is essential for optimal health. When doing a detox, it is even more imperative because you need to provide your body with the proper nutrition to support its energy and nutritional requirements to cleanse. Additionally, it would be counter-producive to add more toxins into the body if you’re trying to eliminate them! Currently, I’m eating about 4 meals a day, which include vegetables, some fruit (1-2 servings a day since I’m trying to nurse my sugar addiction head on rather than supplementing it with another form of sugar), eggs, rice occasionally, poultry, fish, tofu and herbal teas. So no grains, dairy, sugar, stimulants (coffee, black tea), and depressants (alcohol). Dr. Sara allows gluten free breads and dates, but I feel for now my body needs whole foods so that’s what it’s going to get!

2. Chlorophyll

It is a molecule found in plants and algae which is responsible for photosynthesis. It is claimed that chlorophyll alkalizes the body and helps oxygenate red blood cells, aiding in detoxification and metabolism. The debate is still out on whether chlorophyll is effective or not regarding body deoderization, but I find that it is great for intestinal motility

3. Hydrotherapy

I’m currently learning hydrotherapy in school, and am fortunate enough to have 1 session a week in our practical classes. However, it’s a simple modality anyone can do at home with little equipment. I’ve specifically been doing alternating/contrast showers. Contrast showers have been utilized for decades, and are especially popular among athlete.

After washing, 3 cycles of 3 minutes hot water/30 seconds cold water are performed. The hot water should be hot but tolerable, and the cold water should be about 10 degree celsius. I won’t lie, the cold water is pretty painful. But work up to it! Start with lukewarm water and work your way to cold.

The hot water causes the blood vessels on the surface of the skin to dilate, bringing blood to the surface. The cold water causes the vessels to constrict, sending blood deep into the body. This acts like a pump, circulating the blood through the body, therefore removing wastes such as toxins or lactic acid out and circulating the lymphatic system as well.

4. Castor oil packs

My naturopathic intern suggested castor oil packs over my liver while doing my detox. I’ve been doing castor oil packs for 8 months now, and they were an essential part of my routine when I injured my back in November 2013. I’ve also used them for bloating and knee pain! We learned about castor oil in school today as well. The oil, cold pressed from the castor plant seeds, bears anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, laxative, and pain reducing properties. The naturopath, Dr. Marisol, who taught us today (view her site here) is basically the castor oil queen, and really educated me on why castor oil is so effective when doing a detox. Applying castor oil on an organic cotton flannel to the desired body part, in this case the liver, stimulates a relaxing state in the body thus promoting toxin cleansing.

5. Digestive support

My digestion has not been a happy camper for some time, so I’m using gentian (a bitter herb), magnesium, and digestive enzymes to maintain a happy gut!

Things I want to implement:

1. Morning fasting

After hearing Dr. Marisol explain the benefits of fasting, I’m intrigued to learn more about it and test it out for myself.

2. Broader food range

As you can probably tell from most of my food posts, I’ve got a big sweet tooth. My cooking repertoire isn’t as refined. I hope to come up with some good recipes which will be super easy to make!

3. ???

Who knows what research will reveal – I hope to find more modalities and herbs to try out! Of course, any interesting findings will be happily shared with all of you!

On Saturday, I’m running the Warrior Dash so Sunday’s post will be a joint post!

In health,




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