LoseIT Tea Detox – Day 3

I feel more confident as each day passes. Today has been interesting, since I went out for lunch for a friend’s birthday with my classmates. We went to this great French restaurant on McCaul street, MiDi, and ate from the summerlicious menu. I gave away my cheese, fries, and dessert, and surprisingly felt okay with it – emotionally, that is. No overwhelming sense of loss or desperation, just calm acceptance and enjoyment of my (overcooked) tuna steak. Later, in my cadaver lab, while looking at specimens that once belonged to a living, breathing, loving person, did I really feel happy. I wanted to give my liver and small intestine a big hug for taking care of me! Our bodies are so intricate…perfectly designed so that they all fit together and serve their purpose to keep us alive. Every week, the lab makes me appreciate and love my body more and more, and I honour myself with this detox!

Also as a treat for being a good girl at lunch, I rewarded myself with a bit of shopping and a healthy dinner and movie with my boyfriend. Work hard, play hard, rest hard!

In health,



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