LoseIT Tea Detox – Day 2

With the second day under my belt, 26 more days seems so far yet so close. I will say that not having caffeine from coffee or black tea has been very challenging, and that in combination with anemia leaves me very fatigued. I’ve also noticed strong sugar cravings tend to come around 4/5pm… how odd! I know my addiction to sugar will be a big challenge to overcome, but I may have found some methods to combat this bugger!

There’s a really great product called PGX, a granular carbohydrate, when added to water, results in increased satiety. It’s very much like chia seeds – it swells with liquid to 5x its size, and therefore increases feelings of satiety. According to their website, the granules also help with regulating blood sugar levels, reducing elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and helping with weight loss. Due to its fibre-like nature, you have to drink a lot of water alongside it or you’re bound to get constipated (which is never a good time). It’s got a neutral flavour, and would be an amazing addition to smoothies or foods to thicken them as well.

A friend of mine also mentioned that chromium is really good for sugar cravings. Chromium Picolinate actually improves insulin’s ability to get sugar into our cells, and it also decreases carb/sugar cravings. You can read more on the wonderful effects of chromium here.

All in all, I’m surviving and I know it will get easier as the days go by. Thanks for checking in, until next time!





    1. Knowledge is power! As a doctor you’ll be in the same position as me, and we have a responsibility to be honest with our patients and give them the available information! Glad you’re liking my posts on the detox, I really hope it will be a good product because a lot of people I know are looking to start one!


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