LoseIT Tea Detox – Day 1

Day 1 comes to an end with a bowl of pea soup (recipe courtesy of Dr Sara). Tonight I’ve also managed to make a huge tray of roasted vegetables and ground chicken cooked in a balsamic reduction. The pantry has been stocked with many variations of beans and lentils and the homemade probiotic pickles should be finished by tomorrow.

While certain fears are present, my constant focus is on the happiness and health I am going to manifest every day and to make small changes wherever I can. Every day, we have the power to move into a positive, nourishing space, but the decision to move away from it is just as easy. Small decisions, like black coffee vs coffee with cream, a donut or a salad, walking vs parking closer, all play a role in the life we experience.

Despite this simplicity, making decisions that truly serve us can be challenging, but I promise there is still hope. Think about this – a sailor is in the sea set on a course to a destination. What if he were to change his course by 2mm? And what if he were to change by another 2mm the next day, and so on? He would be in a completely different part of the world in 30 days!

Our lives are similar, the salad we eat tomorrow, and the next day and so on will have a compounding effect on our health. So if you are embarking on a journey right now in your life and you feel there are beliefs or fears that are preventing you from achieving the life/body/health you want, just focus on making one small change and make these choices from a place of power!






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