LoseIT Tea – First impressions and my first detox

A while back on instagram, I stumbled upon a post of a transformation of a girl who had lost some weight and her caption thanked a “teatox” kit. I find weight loss transformations so inspiring, so I followed a link she posted to learn more about her and her detox. Turns out, she used a kit called LoseIT Tea (LIT) , a detox developed by a fellow Toronto naturopath, Dr Sara, who also graduated from the school I attend (The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine). This isn’t the first teatox I’ve come across, however for many reasons I really liked this company and its product so I decided to go ahead and order it. Over the next 28 days, I will be documenting my experience on the detox and sharing it on here. To start, I’d like to share my first impressions. LIT’s instagram really reflects Dr. Sara’s personality – a true foodie, yoga and exercise enthusiast, and lover of positive affirmations. When I went to her website a chat window opened immediately with someone greeting me and asking me if I needed help finding anything. I said I was interesting in whether a detox plan would help me – specifically with digestion, weight loss, and improving my skin, and the operator explained which detox would be effective for my goals. Being the talkative person I am, I engaged the operator into conversation and was pleased to find that they not only had a sense of humor but knew Sara personally and even offered me her e-mail to send further inquiries too.

So I ordered by tea and (im)patiently waited for it to arrive in the mail. In a week, it came. The packaging is great quality, all the herbs are organic, and there are simple instructions as to when they are best used. With the package came a small booklet containing the “meal” plan, which is basically a list of allowable foods and recipes for smoothies and simple meals. The diet is basically clean eating – complex carbs, poultry only, lots of veggies and fruit, and no alcohol, sugar, caffeine, or refined/junk foods. Meal is in quotations because it’s not laid out in day-by-day, meal-by-meal basis but rather allows the consumer to decide what they would like to eat as long as it fits the parameters of the information in the booklet. Clean eating diets are not revolutionary by any means, as there are countless books and magazine articles on it. However, eating clean in a manner which delivers sufficient calories, vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients paired with herbs that detox the liver and support optimal bodily functions create an environment conducive for shifting the body into a new dimension of health.

After exchanging several e-mails with Dr Sara and having a conversation over Skype, it’s obvious that she is an entrepreneur who is looking to help as many people shift their lives into health and happiness. She’s very vibrant and likes to communicate with her clients, as is obvious through the way she actively engages with people over instagram.

I’m starting my detox tomorrow (Monday, July 14, 2014) and will be doing 28 days. I’m going to be blogging every step of the way so be sure to check back every evening for an update. I’m excited to share my journey with all of you!   Stay tuned, R          



  1. Awesome first post Renata! I can’t wait to hear about your journey. I’ll be here to answer your questions and support you for the full 28 days and after as well! Happy Cleansing! xx


  2. Great blog post Renata! Looking forward to following your 28 day LoseIT Tea detox! I’m here for you if you need anything! Happy Cleansing!


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